I realized I’ve been having the same dream over and over again. I stuff my face with pills and not feel this pain anymore. Each time I’m about to see what happens next I wake with my pillow drenched in my tears.
I can’t help but ask myself “what’s stopping me?” I don’t care about what happens next, I just want that pain to stop.

I ask every single day

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Why do people say it gets easier with time?

How will time without you erase the countless kisses you placed on my lips and every curve and corner of my body?
How will time make me forget the feeling of the heat that radiated from your skin when it was on mine?
How will time remove the unbearable crave of that scent I basked in while I laid my head on your chest?
How will time without you make me feel whole again?
How will time without you make me do the impossible and let you go?
How will it possibly make me stop loving you?

I’ve had time but each day that goes by only gets worse. I only love and appreciate you more. It’s not just the memories, it’s the kind of person I was with you. The kind of person I wanted to become. The kind of person you made me.

No amount of time will erase my love for you. No amount of time will make it easier.

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colour break down

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Hungary 1980

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